‘Shadow of the Tomb Raider’ Teaser Trailer: More Tombs, More Raiding, Coming September 14

The first two games in the rebooted Tomb Raider franchise have been fucking rad. I mean, like really fucking rad. So, I’m beyond stoked to snag this third title come September. #FillerText #ButItsTrue.

Rock Paper Shotgun:

The next Lara Croft adventure will be Shadow Of The Tomb Raider and it’s coming on September 14th, with no period of console exclusivity this time round. Square Enix have been bunging corks into their leaky reveal barge over the last couple of days, but now the teaser trailer is officially here. It contains all of your expected Lara action: she climbs a vertical cliff-face, falls down and slams into a wall, and looks at a sunset above some ancient buildings. But wait! That’s no sunset at all. It’s an eclipse. Everyone knows eclipses are prime ingredients in Top Archaeology. You can raid a tomb in the morning, you can raid a tomb at night. But raid one during an eclipse and you’ll find some proper mysteries.