Monday Morning Commute: Bro, that is bad ass

monday morning commute bro that is bad ass

Monday Morning Commuteon a fucking Monday? Up is down! Left is right! The Earth is saved, humanity operates on a higher than base, cruel level, and the Eagles are winning the Super Bowl!

Nothing makes sense, friends! Nothing! But, here we are anyways.

Nothing makes sense, friends! Nothing! But, when has it ever, anyways?

I hope you’re doing fantastic. May your sexual glands be drained, your cups full of your beverage of choice, and your stomach stocked with your preferred form of caloric corpulence.

This right here is the aforementioned Monday. Morning. Commute! The weekly wank-off session where I tell you all the things helping me get through this particular work week. Then! Oh, then! Just as importantly, I hope you’ll share what you’re up to in the comments.


Really Relishing (1)

This season of Mr. Robot.


I Can’t Believe (1):

The Last Jedi is a goddamn week from Thursday!


Captivating Comic (1):

Mister Miracle!


Really Relishing (2):

Donald Glover and company’s show on FX, Atlanta.


I Can’t Believe (2):

My dang wife is going away, again.


Captivating Comic (2):

Southern Bastards. Oh, those fucking Southern bastards.


I Can’t Believe (3):

EVOLE 97 is taking place in my hometown. Keith Lee! *Clap Clap* Keith Lee! *Clap Clap*


That’s it for me, friends! Missing my wife, attending a wrasslin’ show, reading some funny books, and really enjoying a couple television programs. What are you up to this week?