‘Red Sparrow’ Trailer: Jennifer Lawrence goes full Black Widow movie before Marvel goes Black Widow movie

Jennifer Lawrence in a female spy flick, looking like it’s doing the Black Widow movie before Marvel did like a Black Widow movie. I’m fucking in, dude.


If you’re a big fan of Marvel Comics, Jennifer Lawrence’s next film might look familiar — and no — it has nothing to do with her X-Men gig as Mystique. It’s taking a nod from a different Marvel hero.

Lawrence is starring in the sexy spy thriller Red Sparrow, about a young Russian spy brought up in a super-secret program designed to turn young women into deadly weapons called Widows Sparrows. Umm, does that sound a bit familiar, Black Widow fans? Obviously, Black Widow’s origin story of growing up in the Red Room and serving as a femme fatale didn’t invent all of these plot points, but Red Sparrow certainly checks off a lot of them.

It also looks really good doing it, and with Marvel Studios content to leave a solo Black Widow film on the shelf, it might be the closest we get for a while. This also looks to be a darker, sexier and bloodier affair than anything you’ll find in the MCU — which again — is pretty much the only way to really do a Black Widow-style movie up right, right?

Along with Lawrence, Red Sparrow stars Jeremy Irons, Joel Edgerton, Charlotte Rampling and Mary-Louise Parker. It’s directed by Hunger Games’ Francis Lawrence, in case you needed another genre connection there. Of course, J-Law has already proven her butt-kicking chops thanks to The Hunger Games and X-Men, so she should be right at home here.