Cyberpunk shooter ‘Ruiner’ drops September 26 on Consoles and PC. Good cyberpunk foreplay before ‘Blade Runner 2049’, imo

This Autumn seems to be the Autumn of Cyberpunk, for yours truly. We got Ruiner on September 26. We got Blade Runner 2049 like ten days later. It’s a nice way to spend Autumn, in my opinion.


When we played Ruiner during the Xbox showcase at GDC back in February, we compared it to a 3D, highly polished version of Hotline Miami. The cyberpunk-themed, top-down action game sets you up to kill the boss while taking out enemies who swarm in from doorways and narrow hallways. Ruiner is now ready to launch on September 26th on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. The team has also released a teaser trailer to whet your appetite and show off the rapid-fire gameplay and dystopian setting.
The developer describes Ruiner as “a brutal action shooter set in the year 2091 in the cyber metropolis Rengkok.” You’ll play as a wired-up psychopath, apparently, who’s trying to save his kidnapped brother with the help of a mysterious hacker friend, while trying to take down the corporations that rule the world.

It’s all about quick reflexes, a sweet video-helmet, and a full complement of weapons. You’ll notice the various implements of death in the above trailer: the Storm V plasma rifle, the one-handed Katana, the Fury pulse railgun, the Electra high-voltage cannon, a Sonic-XR ultrasonic gun, and the Shock EMP grenade. That’s just a start of course, with a laser cannon, automatic shooter, splitter gun, deployable force field, rotary machine gun, lightning bolt generator, submachine gun, and basic pipe rounding out the arsenal at your disposal.