‘Mother!’ Trailer: Seeing Is Believing In Aronofsky’s Next Film

NGL, not gonna lie, as the kids say (they don’t say this any longer, if they ever did, it’s me, old white guy, ruining phrases). I didn’t watch this mother! trailer. I’m already sold as fuck on Aronofsky’s next film. But, if you need some persuasion, check this motherfucker out. That may or may not be a pun, as I said, I didn’t watch this trailer.


Your parents always said “Never talk to strangers.” But maybe they should’ve also said, “Don’t let them sleep in your house.” That seems to be the start of something very bad in Darren Aronofsky’s new movie mother!

The film stars Oscar winners Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem as a married couple who one day decide to let a strange man into their house, played by Ed Harris. Then they let in a strange woman, too, played by Michelle Pfeiffer. And, in the first trailer for the film, those both look like really, really bad decisions.