Monday Morning Commute: Everything good everything good gravy

everything good everything good gravy

It’s been a minute, Space-Ship OMEGA. A hot minute, since I’ve dusted off and rolled out Monday Morning Commute. For that, to the three dedicated community members we have, I prostrate (and if you’d like, prostate) myself before you and beg forgiveness.

Rendar was doing them, and then he was maybe doing then, and then it seems life sped up and he simply wasn’t doing them, and I should have intervened. But, you know how it goes. Life speeds up, the mind slows down. It’s Monday evening at 10pm and I could idly blink at the TeleVisor, or I could activate the neurons. Lethargy always, entropy claims, I choose not to fight the great unwinding.

Anyways, hey! I hope you’re still here. Anyways, hey! I hope you’re still down to play the old game of Monday Morning Commute — where we share the various distractions, dalliances, and distillations that are helping us combat the weekly drudgery.


Finished: Prey.

It’s an okay game. Starts strong. Unravels towards the end. Not essential.


Enjoyed: Wonder Woman.

I would file it under a “good, not great” superhero origin story, filled with some exceptionally awesome stuff. Definitely worth seeing. Definitely worth being the template for DC movies going forward.


Starting: Watch Dog 2’s DLC, “No Compromises.”

Man. The final DLC for Watch Dog 2‘s season pass has dropped, and it’s personally notable for two reasons. It’s going to be the first season pass that I’ve purchased and *actually* played all the content for. As well, it’s a bittersweet moment, as it is the last piece of content for a title I genuinely, genuinely loved.


Finished: Foundation and Empire

Asimov’s second Foundation title was fantastic. It managed to tackle all the big topics of the original, but in a much more page-turning fashion. What’s the role of the individual in society? What’s the impact of an individual in society? Is the crumbling of an Empire (or a Foundation) simply an immutable fact? All this shit, plus fucking space-ships! Mutants!


Listening: Futurecop!

I don’t know the genre, but they’re enjoyable.


Watching: American Gods

The adaptation of Gaiman’s novel is fucking wild. Now mind you, I don’t remember much from the novel. Now mind you, I’m generally just a little stoned while watching the show with Bateman. So I don’t know how it compares to the text source, and I don’t know how much being high impacts the surreal nature of the show. But this shit is wild, an odd, unforgiving impressionistic and surreal jaunt through Americana with a whole gaggle of Gods.


How about you folks?! What are you up to?!