‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Trailers: Cool Tech from Stark and the Chitauri

Here’s a couple new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailers, focusing on the surprising (or not?) presence of the Chitauri technology, and also some serious Stark tech.

The Verge:

Sony has released a pair of new trailers for Spider-Man: Homecoming this morning. Where the first two show off Peter Parker swinging around New York City, fighting low-level crime, dealing with high school, and aspiring to be an Avenger, these two reveal that we’re in for the most technologically focused Spider-Man film yet.

Halfway through Captain America: Civil War, Tony Stark pays Peter Parker and his Aunt May a visit at their Queens apartment. He tells Peter that he’s in “dire need of an upgrade,” and designs a new, advanced suit. While we saw it in action, it’s clear we’re going to really see what this new suit can do. Here, the costume tells him that he’s got 576 possible web-shooter combinations, showing off an enhanced heads-up display and voice much like Stark’s Iron Man suit possesses. Later, we see that he’s got a parachute, which activates when he’s pulled high into the sky by the Vulture, as well as the small spider-drone we saw in the last trailer.

We also get the best sense of Parker’s ambition now, as taking on low-level crime around his neighborhood makes him feel constrained. In one scene, he finds that his suit is far more powerful than he knew, except that there’s a governor installed by Stark, preventing him from using most of its functions. He complains to his friend Ned: “I just feel like I can be doing more.”

Sony also released a new international trailer for the film, which goes in a slightly different direction: it highlights Michael Keaton’s Vulture and gives us a good idea of his beef with Stark and the Avengers.

“We have to pick up after them,” he complains about the rich and the powerful people in the city. We learn that he helped with the cleanup after the New York battle in Avengers. He figures out how to take the Chitauri technology and create his Vulture suit, which he seems to be using to build new weapons and to steal some of Stark’s advanced weapons.

Between the two trailers, Homecoming seems to be the most technologically-advanced Spider-Man film to date. Peter Parker has always been a sort of hobbyist inventor: he built his webshooters, his suit, and a whole bunch of other gadgets in the comics, but the earlier movies never highlighted that aspect of his character to this degree. The two trailers show off just how important superpowered tech is becoming in the MCU. Clearly, with great power and cool gadgets comes great responsibility and parental controls.

Ultimately, this is shaping up to look like a film about the Avengers, much in the same way Captain America: Civil War was, but on a much smaller scale. It might not be an Avengers film, but their presence and the fallout from their existence is certainly felt.

Spider-Man: Homecoming opens on July 7th, 2017.