Weekend Open Bar: sit down. be humble.

sit down bitch be humble

I am of the opinion that posting a Weekend Open Bar belatedly is a losing gesture, if a gesture at all. If it don’t hit Friday evening, it might as well not hit. But hey, what can you do. Last night I was besieged by PLAYAWF HAWKEY, and blessed with the opportunity to spend time with Rendar and Bateman.

So like, you know.

When the stars align and the three founders of OL hangout all at the same time (an occurrence one can hope happens more often, but an occurrence complicated by busy lives and us upon our own journeys in the omni-multi-verses), you better take goddamn advantage of it.

Anyways. Anyways! A-n-y-w-a-y-s. Here it is. Weekend Open Bar!

Come one, come all! Come hang out this weekend, sharing what you’re up to, enjoying, anticipating, stressing, et cetera et cetera et cetera into infinitum.