‘Prey’ Gameplay Trailer: A Shock To The Space System

I’ve been saying that Prey looks like BioShock by way of Dead Space, or vice versa. This new gameplay trailer does nothing to change that #take!!!, which makes me all the more stoked.


The trailer shows main character Morgan Yu shooting and sci-fi super-powering his way through a space station, taking on shadow monsters and transforming into weapons of mass destruction like a coffee cup. Given how much they’ve promoted it, there had BETTER fucking be an official Prey coffee cup in the pre-order package that I will never touch. In short, though, it looks like System Shock meets Dishonored, which is to say, pretty sweet.

Prey, which doesn’t really have much to do with the previous Prey, is in development at Dishonored developer Arkane’s Austin studio. It’s a new beginning after Human Head Studios’ Prey 2, which also didn’t have much to do with the original Prey, was scrapped. Where Prey 2 was set to be full of open-world parkour shenanigans, Arkane’s Prey derives clear inspiration from games like System Shock, while also continuing Arkane’s grand tradition of wacky yet terrifying powers (see: possessing coffee cups).

Prey will be out next year.