‘The Belko Experiment’ Trailer: Coworkers Are The Death Of You

Here’s the first full trailer for The Belko Experiment! Written by Guardians of the Galaxy guy! Directed by Wolf Creek lad! I can’t fucking wait.


The Belko Experiment is a little slice of horror written by James Gunn and director Greg McLean of Wolf Creek fame. That should give you a little preparation on what to expect from the film, but it still seems like the premise might be a little different for your average horror film. Gunn released the trailer for the film earlier on Wednesday — instead of releasing a trailer for Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2, right gang?! — and it is basically your worst day at the office wrapped in The Purge and locked inside of a building with Jigsaw from the Saw films at the controls. This post is reference heavy, so I apologize.

The film was screened at TIFF earlier in the year and keeps its premise simple according to The Hollywood Reporter:

The horror film centers on a twisted social experiment trapping 83 Americans in a high-rise corporate office in Bogota, Colombia. They must kill three of their coworkers or those running the experiment will kill six of them — and things only get worse from there.

Not sure why it is in Colombia, but I’ll buy it. You could’ve probably done the same in Detroit or Hoboken with the same results, but it’s a silly point. There’s a cast full of familiar faces, including John C. McGinley, Michael Rooker, Sean Gunn, and John Gallagher Jr. playing Jim Harper from The Newsroom after getting fired and sent to Colombia. If it turns out that Will McAvoy is the one behind all the terror in this film, I’ll forgive Aaron Sorkin for the entire series. Let your characters be slaughtered for fun in some Battle Royale-style office experiment. The people from Scrubs let Doctor Cox show up, so why not.