Tuesday Afternoon Commute: There Will Be Blasé


The Sophists dance on the Funeral Pyres of Intellectualism, crafting arguments made of Fluff and Clickbait. The Cynics bark at the Low Hanging Fruit, crafting arguments made of Bitterness and Clickbait. The Virulent scream into the Faces of the Oppressed, crafting arguments encouraging them to sit down and enjoy it.

I stuff my face, refresh Tumblr, and welcome the Ennui.

I don’t consider myself a sophist, a cynic, or a virulent, mainly I’m just Tired.

Physically tired, after a trying few days. Mentally tired, after a trying few days.

I’m stuffed into dress clothes, unfortunately bulging with despair. I’m stuffed into dress, unfortunately (not) bulging with guts stuffed with junk food.

Welcome to the Grand Pall of MidSemester Ian!

There’s gotta be…I gotta be…Surely there are things for me to look forward to, this week. There’s gotta be…I gotta be…Surely there are things for enjoy, this week.  Right? Right! Sure? Sure!

This is Tuesday Afternoon Commute. The tardy edition of Monday Morning Commute, where I list what I’m looking forward to across a given week.

Join me in the comments section. Raise my Spirits. Raise My Soul. Exhume my essence and use it to fight your foes in astral combat. I don’t give a fuck!

Watching (1):

Luke Cage!


Listening (1)

(album) Low Teens, Every Time I Die!



The Topsfield Fair!


Watching (2):




My Shit Ass Fantasy Team!


Watching (3):

Playoff Baseball!


Listening (2):

(song) All In, Lil Yachty



Going to the movies!



The Long weekend!



To finally play some Destiny with The Dude


That’s it for me, Grand Pal MidSemester Ian.

What are you folks up to this week? What are you excited for? Titillated by?