Watch: ‘Stranger Things’ gets Buffy-Style Credits

Stranger Things! Stranger Things. We love it. We mash the show television series with everything. Everything! As a token of our love. For its latest mash-up, Stranger Things has received a Buffy-style credits.


Netflix’s “Stranger Things” has been lauded for its commitment to its style. Everything, from the costumes to the special effects, recapture the spirit of 1980s adventure/horror movies. This is especially true of the opening titles, which has a font taken from the cover of a vintage Stephen King novel and synths right out of a John Carpenter movie.

Considering its heavily ’80s-influenced tone, YouTuber Tony Harley decided to re-style “Stranger Things” with one of the most iconic opening sequences of the 1990s — the title sequence of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” It makes sense as both are stories about kids struggling against a strange supernatural threat and both star awesome ladies with three-part names. Millie Bobby Brown takes the place of Sarah Michelle Gellar as the lead-in character, while Winona Ryder gets the place of honor at the end of the credits — a place held by “Anthony Stewart Head as Giles” and later “Alyson Hannigan as Willow”.

So get nostalgic for the aggressive guitars of Nerf Herder, and enjoy a different take on Netflix’s latest hit while we wait for season 2!