Craig Robinson and Adam Scott starring in comedic X-Files-esque TV series for Fox

craig robinson and adam scott reunited

Craig Robinson and Adam Scott and paranormal investigations and comedy and Fox. Together. United. Okay. I’m skeptical, but hopeful.

AV Club:

Fox just can’t seem to quell its recently reawakened hunger for supernatural sleuthing. Bypassing the status of its much-ballyhooed X-Files revival—whose potential second season is still an open question—the network has announced that it’s giving a pilot order to a new “X-Files-like” comedy series, starring comedy superstars Craig Robinson and Adam Scott.

Written by Tom Gormican—whose other major credit is the Zak Efron rom-com flop That Awkward MomentGhosted will star Robinson and Scott as two investigators for the “Underground Investigative Service,” tasked with looking into unexplained incidents in Los Angeles. Robinson will star as the duo’s cynical skeptic, Leroy, while Scott sounds like he’ll be showing up in full-on “Cones Of Dunshire” obsessive mode as the show’s ersatz Mulder, Max. The two will dig into the paranormal activities of the Golden State together, including—we’re guessing—a bunch of rampaging Christmas monsters and Jacuzzis that can travel through time.

[via Variety]