Gold Medalist hits her coach with John Cena’s Finisher to celebrate her victory

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Yo. If there were more AA’s being doled out at the Olympics, I would totally step up my viewing of the garrulous display of nationalism, excess, and athletics.


Olympic Fever is currently infecting more people worldwide than the Zika virus (well, hopefully). But just in case you haven’t caught it yet, this video might push you over the top. Meet Risako Kuwai, a 21-year-old amateur wrestler from Japan. After scoring a silver medal in the women’s freestyle 63 kg category at the 2015 World Wrestling Championships, she moved on to represent her homeland in the Rio Olympics in the same weight class. Wouldn’t you know it, she brought home the gold, defeating Belarus’ Maryia Mamashuk in the final match. (Take that, Belarus.) But better still is how Kuwai decided to celebrate her victory — she grabbed her coach and delivered not one, but two devastating Attitude Adjustments to him in quick succession, then carried him around the stage.