Report: ‘Final Fantasy XV’ getting Six DLC Packs. At the least.

Final Fantasy 15

FFXV’s Season Pass is going to run $25. However, if the game and its DLC is worth a damn, this will end up being a good deal, given that it pays for six DLC packs. That said, I’ve never had a goddamn Season Pass work out for me. Actually, Borderlands 2. And Fallout 4. Okay so a couple, fuck you.


We’re just a month and a half away from Final Fantasy XV, an RPG ten years in the making. And because this is 2016, there’s already a season pass.

The $25 digital pass, which Square announced last night, will give you access to the following hilariously titled DLC packs:

DLC 1: Booster Pack (Working Title)

DLC 2: Episode Gladio (Working Title)

DLC 3: Holiday Pack (Working Title)

DLC 4: Episode Ignis (Working Title)

DLC 5: Episode Prompto (Working Title)

DLC 6: Expansion Pack (Working Title)

If you’re into this sort of thing, you can get the season pass on the PlayStation or Xbox stores before the game comes out on September 30. In the meantime, let’s get hyped as hell for Expansion Pack (Working Title).