Wracked in the Wasteland Part 3: Cleansing the Commonwealth


It hit me after I died for the 4th time to Super Mutants during one quest.  There is no way this character could align with anyone but the Brotherhood of Steel.  It just didn’t make sense.  Sure, they are xenophobes.  Sure, they are warmongers. However, this wasteland is so brutal and so unforgiving on Survival mode. I realized that someone who really went through this much struggle and hardship to find their child, they would not accept the synths. USURPERS really.
The Railroad does nothing to address Super Mutants. The Institute is actively trying to replace the human race! The Minutemen are good natured, but they aren’t willing to go the extra mile to do what is necessary.

No, only the Brotherhood of Steel could give my gal what she is looking for.  Vengeance.

This week I began to hit my stride.  The synergy of my build is really coming into it’s own.  Crits, leading to more AP, leading to more crits, leading to heads being separated from bodies in single shots.  I no longer fear the weak or less enemies.  They become a gory paste in no time.  Even mid level enemies, which effect banking of crits, I can level in 2 or 3 hits max and from a good distance too.  The only enemies that are still reminding me that I am on survival mode are legendary robots or heavily armored raiders.  Both of which are still bullet sponges even with headshots and will proceed to decimate my health bar in seconds. Remember, healing is greatly reduced AND slowed on survival mode. So if I take 3 bullets and run around the corner to stim, it’s still 30 seconds until I’m full health again.  One hit during this time and I’m as good as dead.

I began to progress the main story forward, mainly because I knew Kellogg holds the best pistol in the game for this build.  A legendary .44 whose affix is ‘Crits restore AP’ and yeah, my whole build is designed around building crits and regenerating AP to stay in VATS for a whole encounter.

Overall, this week was a lot more fun than last week.  I really wanted to give up struggling from level 10 to 20~.  I’m level 31 now and if I die, it’s because I got a little too careless and ran headlong into a room where a legendary enemies proceeded to light me up. Once I established my main build, I did deviate and begin to put points into Endurance and got the Toughness perk, which was a great decision.  I no longer appear to be tissue paper, instead I’m at least as tough as wet cardboard.

I’m excited to side with the Brotherhood as every other playthrough I’ve sided with other factions. So no only will this be my first run on survival, but my first run CLEANSING THE COMMONWEALTH!

PS – A lot more pictures this go around. I covered a lot of ground this week!


First time I actually found and killed the alien in Fallout 4. Something new every play through.


Rads are real bad on survival. Bad rads.


If you touch Dogmeat, you WILL get lit the fuck up.


Time to go rescue Mr. Valentine.


Excuse, Mr. Triggerman. You have invaded my personal space


A lot of survival mode is making sure you have nice, clean water. Pump dat water. Fill dem bottles. Rinse. Drink. Repeat.


Thanks, kid. I already lived that story.


Yes, let’s find that dirty rat Kellogg


Don’t mind if I do. Since I don’t hack or lockpick, I will clean the shelves of any building like no one’s business.


Like most men, you try to side down and he tries to touch the bum


I make this look good


When you have to run everywhere, you find new stuff.  I’ve never seen this trader before on my previous runs.


On this difficulty, traps will end your journey in a hurry


Always, always, always happy to see a bed. I can save, I can sleep.


I’ve lost to this clown on Very Hard, so I knew Survival would be something else.  As you can see by this screen, I have two crits saved up.  Well, as Kellogg put his hands up as an indication that he wanted to talk – I put two crits into his dome and ended the fight before he had a chance to speak. Yeah, it’s like that.


Good morning and good night, Mr. Synth.


Don’t mind if I do.


The moment I realized that the Brotherhood of Steel was going to be my new home.


By now you know exactly how my character is going to respond


Putting down dirty Mutants one bullet at a time


Thanks for the hand cannon, Kellogg.  I’ll put it to good use and I’ll look better doing it


OMW to hear Elder Maxson yap his mouth


and here we are


Let’s have some fun, even on survival


3 full crits on deck.  When Four Leaf Clover procs, rooms are cleared in a hurry.


Not regretting my Aqua Girl perk one bit. No rads and underwater breathing. TYVM.




I died about .5 seconds after this screen was taken.


Here’s the thing with crits.  They don’t miss. If you have a 1% chance to hit in VATS, your crit WILL hit. 100% of the time.  So I sniped this guys fusion cores before he even left the building.