‘Iron Fist’ Trailer: Danny Rand Hanging Out In Frown Town

This trailer is completely discordant with the Danny Rand I know and love in contemporary Marvel comics. But fuck it, who knows, maybe it’ll be good.


After months of going back and forth on it, with rumors it’d be a movie instead of a TV series, we finally have our first look at Marvel’s Iron Fist. And it’s offering a bit of a turn on the origin of Danny Rand.

The biggest tweak is that Danny, after decades away, somehow turns up in New York with a giant beard and no shoes. Since this is New York, he gets treated like any other guy with a giant beard and no shoes, and gets tossed in a mental ward. You can gather how that goes since he’s done nothing but learn how to kick ass since he was in grade school.

The show also seems to be stepping away from the idea Danny’s father was obsessed with the mystical city of K’un L’un and hauls Danny and his wife along trying to find it. Here it appears Danny and his mother are the victims of a plane crash, and Danny is found by monks, who can offer food, warmth, and something for Danny to charge his iPod with, since he’s still got earbuds in the modern day. We’ll learn Danny Rand’s musical taste, and see him wreck more shop, in 2017.

(Via YouTube)