‘Grand Theft Auto V’ players solved mystery involving Bigfoot and Teen Wolf. Seriously.

Rockstar and Grand Theft Auto V‘s community are tight, man. Fucking around with one another. The former hiding shit in code (seriously), the latter working diligently to figure out just what is fucking hidden. The latest case of this back and forth, cat and mouse, involves Bigfoot. Peyote. And Teen Wolf.

Rock Paper Shotgun:

Thus began the long journey to get to the bottom of this rabbit hole. Kotaku has a great write up about the specifics, but the gist of it is that Rockstar left a hint in the code that eventually led players to discovering that other peyote plants existed but could only be found by standing on specific coordinate at a certain time of day with certain weather conditions active. To do this without hacking the game would be mostly impossible, but players were able to engineer the proper conditions to make each of seven golden peyote plants appear.

From there, players were tipped off by another clue in the code that made them realize that by using Bigfoot’s special growl, they could hear a beastly snarl in the distance. By following that snarl, they’d encounter a series of corpses until finally encountering the beast itself…

Yup. It’s Michael J. Fox from the movie Teen Wolf. And after killing him, players are rewarded by being able to play the wolf in GTA V’s director mode, which is used to make videos. All of this for a movie reference? I just don’t understand the internet.