Monday Morning Commute: Nuka Cola, Nuke A Sky, Nuke Your Soul

nuka cola!

Feel like every time I pen one of these, my wife is out on business. But that’s what you got to do, when you make the big bucks in the family. Feel like every time I pen one of these, and my wife is out on business, I’m about to order pizza. But that’s what you got to do, when you’re a fat kid masquerading in a chubby kid’s body, and you refuse to cook for yourself. Feel like every time I pen one of these, I’m just winging it. But that’s what you go to do, when you’re exhausted from teaching and then tutoring for six hours straight, and you ain’t ate until eight or maybe even late(r).

You wing it.

But I can’t complain, that’s for sure. I got myself a dope wife, got myself some dope things to look forward to this week, and I’m ’bout to got (get?) myself some dope pizza.

This is Monday Morning Commute. The weekly column where I share what I’m looking forward to across the next seven days. The distractions that will distract me from the grind, stimulate my mind, and pass the time.

Then, ideally, you share your own (superior) list of happenings!

Let’s rock!


Listening To:

The New Aesop Rock album is streaming, before arriving on Friday! Thanks for the heads-up, Jerkface!


Still Amazed:

I got to see Samoa Joe win the NXT title last Thursday. Shit never happens at “house” (off-air) shows!


So Goddamn Good:

Munched some Insomnia Cookies. Picked them up in Harvard Square after…


Watched On The Big Screen:

Hell yeah, caught Buckaroo Banzai at the Brattle Theater.


Hoping It Plays Here:

Motherfuckin’ Green Room, which is allegedly opening wide this weekend.


Playing, Loving, and Hating:

The immeasurably broken Division.


Dope Show (Mini-Series) Debuted Last Week:

A BBC/AMC mini-series adaptation of Le Carre’s The Night Manager


Dope Show Returned Last Night:

Fucking Silicon Valley, baby! Need to wait for Sam to get home to watch it, but I’m ready.


Officially Have:

Two stinking weeks left in the Spring semester!


What are you folks up to, this week? Let’s hang.