Weekend Open Bar: Living Life On Bradbury Hill


Man, we got Presidential candidates debating dusty tomes from days of yore and their dick sizes. Man, they’re doing that while we got the entire universe to explore. Man, we got people vigorously arguing over the quality of men in tights and their moving picture shows. Man, they’re doing that while the Cosmos offers us escape. While the Cosmos offers us resources. While the Cosmos offers us Hope.

Trust me, we ain’t going anywhere. Trust me, this Blue Ball will be Dirt and Mistake far before we crack the various physical codes holding us back from rock-hoppin’ across vast distances of Time and Space.

So fuck it, let’s drink. So fuck it, let’s hang out here in Weekend Open Bar. So fuck it, tell me what you’re doing this weekend. The movies you’re watching. The games you’re playing. The foods you’re eating.

So fuck it, what’s up?