Weekend Open Bar: Elsewhere & Otherwise

elsewhere & otherwise

It is a melancholic Weekend Open Bar, friends. For while I open the doors to the Tavern with arms-spread welcomingly, the very cracking of the doorframe signals doom. Or namely, it signals the dusk of my Spring Break. A sad time. A bad time. Every moment a march towards the return to hour-and-a-half commute and pants. And pants! Oh, I haven’t worn a pair of real pants since last Saturday. My ever¬†burgeoning waistline not tortured by restriction, nay, but instead comforted by the glory of an elastic waist.

But come, friends. Come up to the bar and let’s hang out. Let us share¬†what we’re doing this weekend. Be it the food we’re eating (pizza!), the games we’re playing (The Division!), or the television we’re watching (Daredevil, season 2)!

What are you up to this weekend?