‘Silicon Valley’ Season 3 Teaser Trailer: What Do You Say To That?

Goddamn, I fucking *love* Silicon Valley.


Season two of Silicon Valley did not disappoint. The episode where Pied Piper (minor spoiler alert) live-streamed somebody trapped at the bottom of a ravine? Wonderful. The season two finale ended things on a high note with a surprisingly suspenseful final episode. What’s changed for Pied Piper since season two? Based on the Silicon Valley season three teaser, not much.

Last season  (Thomas Middleditch) was fired from Pied Piper, the company he co-created. After losing a majority of the stake in the company, he’s let go as chief executive. How far will he go to get Pied Piper back? Hard to tell after watching this 30-second teaser, but it’s clear Richard is still Richard, and the same can be said for Erlich Bachman (T.J. Miller, always a scene-stealer).