Watch: Harrison Ford surprises ‘Star Wars’ fans who donated to charity

Man. It’s starting to hit me. There’s a new Star Wars movie less than a month away, and it’s starring Harrison Ford. Like, Han Solo. The knowledge has been public for a while, and the movie has been anticipated for what feels like forever. But now the factoid is beginning to coalesce from “abstract knowledge” into “Jesus Christ, Harrison Ford is doing Star Wars things like surprising people who donated to a charity because he’s In The New WarStarFlick which is really fucking close.”

Spin-Off Online:

Following the success of the Star Wars: Force For Change charity benefitting UNICEF, the crew behind “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” have teamed up with the organization Omaze for another campaign. To raise awareness, Omaze contacted a number of previous donors via video chat — and had Harrison Ford explain the charity to them.

The reactions these donors have to seeing Han Solo are as giddy, tear-filled and ecstatic as you can imagine. One can only wonder what they’ll do if they end up being among the campaign’s two grand-prize winners, who will get four tickets each to the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” premiere. There, the winners will walk the red carpet, meet the cast, attend the after party and watch “The Force Awakens” before pretty much everyone else.