Monday Morning Commute: So sing, and rejoice, sing, and rejoice

sing and rejoice

Welcome, friends. To Monday Morning Commute. The weekly outpost at the Edge of Good Taste where those of us aboard the Space-Ship share what we’re up to during the next five days or so.

You know.

The distractions we’ve enlisted to keep our eyes off the fleeting nature of our Mortal Coil, the drone of our Work Week, or anything of that like. I’m going to level with you — I’m really tired today. So here are my particularities, quickly. Share your own!


wet hawt

Want to watch the Wet Hot American Summer series on Netflix.


step brotherz

Moving all week! Closed on our house today.



Aiming to hit up Bitfest on Friday.


fsiyh no moarrr

Seeing Faith No More on Tuesday.


That’s uh. That’s it. My brain is jelly. What are you folks up to this week?