Watch: Custom R2-D2 PlayStation 4 is a rad convergence of various pop cultures

I wouldn’t fuck with a “PlayBook 4”, but if I had to — I would…Well, I wouldn’t want something as ostentatious as this gorgeous custom R2-D2 bad boy. But looking at it, from afar? Impartially? Goddamn rad.

Robot 6:

As incredible as the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront video game looks, it wouldn’t seem right to play it on just any PlayStation 4. You need something like this, a custom R2-D2 themed PlayBook 4.

Constructed by Eddie Zarick, with some assistance from the folks at Astromech, it’s effectively a scaled-down, rectangular version of the fan-favorite droid, with a 3D-printed case and realistic sound effects. As you can see in the video below, the console features an R2-style red/blue light and makes appropriate sounds when certain buttons are pushed.