Watch: Evo 2015 fighter celebrates too early, ends up getting stomped

Yeah, I didn’t even fucking open my laptop this weekend. So this is like, way old. But instead of breaking it as “news”, let’s come together and celebrate the most iconic Evo moment since The Parry.


Here’s a highlight from EVO 2015 you have to see to believe. The pivotal action takes place not on the screen, but on the stage.

This is Woshige (as Millia) versus Ogawa (as Zato-1) in the winners’ bracket semifinals of the Guilty Gear Xrd tournament, with Ogawa as a heavy favorite, playing with his preferred fighter. Woshige claims the round and, thinking he has won the match outright, stands up, backs away from the stick, and begins celebrating.

Trouble is, it was the second round, and they were now tied 1-1.

Ogawa recognizing what was going on, took immediate control of the third round and Woshige could not recover.

Ogawa went on to win the tournament. Woshige gamely trudged on through the loser’s bracket, claiming third place overall.

Sports fans, if you don’t know what the fuss is with eSports, let me lay this moment out for you: Take Leon Lett. Add Lindsey Jacobellis. Now stir in Les Lancaster completely forgetting the count and grooving a 2-0 meatball to Robby Thompson.