Weekend Open Bar: Hormones In Our Beef and Testosterone In Our Swagger!


We’re celebrating Fourth of July weekend here in the Empire. That means the usual things, which have been enumerated some six or seven times here aboard the Space-Ship. Hormone-soaked beef. Testosterone-fueled chants of questionable supremacy. And other cynical shit. But it also means a great reason to gather ’round with your loved ones, throw back a few Adult Sodas, smoke some Shire Green, and have a good time. Not just your tangi-friends, either! But us, too. You know! Your favorite Monsters at the End of the Internet. So join us! At the Weekend Open Bar.

Here we can share what we’re up to this weekend. What our preferred seared-flesh happens to be. What movie we may be watching to commemorate the Fourth.

(Jaws > ID4, but both are acceptable).

Share some gifs we come across in-between ingesting Bud Light Limes.

(Hoe, don’t do it.)

Whatever you want! Let’s party together.