‘I Am Chris Farley’ Trailer: Get the tissues ready for this documentary

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When an extraordinarily talented entertainer passes away at a young age, it takes a long time to fill that particular void. This is especially true when it comes to Chris Farley. He died at the age of 33 in 1997 and it’s still hard for many to believe he’s gone. He was one of the most energetic and physical comedians to have been a cast member of “Saturday Night Live,” and when he left the show in 1995, it seemed like he was unstoppable. It’s a story we hear so many different times with so many great entertainers and it never stops being sad: how a meteoric rise to fame and fortune can so often lead to downfall. But as the people closest to him can attest, knowing just how sweet and good-natured he makes his death seem all the more tragic.

I Am Chris Farley” is an upcoming documentary that looks to explore and celebrate the comedian’s life and to reflect on his sudden passing. The doc features many famous comedians, particularly fellow SNL alums such asDavid Spade, Adam Sandler, Dan Aykroyd, and Molly Shannon reminiscing about Farley. It’s great to see all these comedians come together and talk fondly about someone that they all clearly loved.