Monday Morning Commute: The Person We Wish We Could Be

Damaged Folk

This is my third week of marriage. It feels very much the similar to the life I was living  prior to marriage – namely a maelstrom of responsibilities and too few nights spent actually enjoying the company of my Wife. We spent the weekend house shopping, and now she’s away on business. When…when does life calm down? And in the midst of all that bullshit — we are submitting an offer sheet on a house tomorrow. So there’s that. Either we get a house tomorrow, or we have to hit the house hunting grind again this weekend. Which, admittedly, is a privilege. I get that. But it’s stressful as fuck, and at a certain point having more space for shit you probably doesn’t need must feel irrelevant in the Frowning Face of Not Enjoying Time with a loved one. Right?

So here’s Monday Morning Commute. These are the various activities outside of my pursuit of theAmerican Dream Hologram that I’m hanging onto, to get me through the doldrums of uh, attaining things.


Playing: Arkham Knight

batman - arkham knight


Will I ever read weekly comics again?

Stay tuned!

Saga #20.


Reading: Short stories from Diaz’ Drown for class.

God bless him.



Seeing: Jurassic World?

Jurassic World.


Listening: New BTBAM album (*coughleakedcough*)



Sweating The Offer: We are putting on a house tomorrow.



Anticipating: End of Hawkguy. One month.



Maybe recording: A new podcast this weekend

Team Omega


Still watching: Halt and Catch Fire. It’s not great.

But I like it.

Halt and Catch Fire.


That’s it for me, folks. What are you looking forward to this week? What’s your life looking like?