Unholy Matrimony

[Whelp, this weekend is it. Samantha will officially become Samantha Omega this weekend, as she and I get married after a year and a half of planning. Trust me, Mr. and Mrs. Omega’s Open Bar will be flowing on Saturday evening.] [0101001010REDACT+DELETE]

Listen up! CAFFPOW is gettin’ hitched on Saturday! As such, he’s going to be a mess of matrimonial bliss, green-medicinal smoke cloud, and bubble-spirit brain-smash! Hell, I’m not even sure this post’ll list me as the writer, since I’m just messin’ up something CAFFPOW already wrote.

That’s right, you sons-of-bitches — it’s Rendar Frankenstein back in the house and I want to know what the hell you’re doin’ this weekend!


Welcome to the Weekend Open Bar! What’re you doin’ with the few days your Monetary-Overlord gives you off? What’s that, you’re goin’ to huff jenkem and go see FURY ROAD for the eleventh time? That’s pretty rad!

Me? I’m going to CAFFPOW’S goddamn wedding! THE OMEGA CULT GROWS SUPREME!!

But, seriously, what’s up?

Just come hang out!