Monday Morning Commute: Big Boys Don’t Fly

big boys

They soar! Fuck limitations, man. Kick the hinges off the Impossible Door, and run into the Halls of Improbability dropping stone-cold stunners and rock bottoms! This is Monday Morning Commute. And together we shall brave the perpetual irradiation that is Life, uniting in some sort of Existential Voltron. Or! Or at the very least. With fingers with nails with caked-on Dominos pizza crust, we shall what we’re up to this week.


april and andy

Marriage! This is it. Saturday, my better half and I

are getting hitched.


Nemesis Games

The newest novel in the Expanse series, Nemesis Games.

drops tomorrow.



Still watching Halt and Catch Fire.

It’s fantastic.


batman - arkham knight

Arkham Knight keeps getting closer.


Um. That’s about it. The whole wedding thing is taking priority. But what are you up to this week?