Weekend Open Bar: We Live! We Die! We Live Again!


Every Sunday night we die, and every Friday evening we are born again. Those of us lucky enough to be afforded weekends. Those of us lucky enough to have a job. I mean, don’t get me wrong. Sometimes it can be a drag. Being a cog in Immortan Joe’s Extraction Machine. But sometimes it’s right to be like, “fuck, yo. I’m really glad to have a job that keeps the Aqua Cola running and the GasTown diesel powering the lights.” So with that quickly eroding gratitude, let’s open up the Weekend Open Bar.

The weekly column where us folks on the Space-Ship Omega get together to celebrate making it to another weekend. And to share what we’re up to on said weekend! Whether it’s sharing our dinner plans, what we anticipate seeing in the CINEMAPLEX, or just a really inappropriate gif we can across while stoned on Tumblr. Any and all of that goes.

What are you doing this weekend?