Monday Morning Commute: No, Donny, these men are nihilists


Greetings, friends. Nihilism is exhausting. But so is commuting an hour-and-a-half every day, both ways. Just sitting in my goddamn car, staring at the brake lights of the Fellow Fools in front of me. I dream of many things, during those hours upon hours of weekly gridlock. Of video games I am looking forward to playing, of movies I am looking forward to seeing. Comics, books, and other distractions.

The yank my corporeal form through the thresher, these distractions. They shove my reluctant soul through the Monday Morning Commute. One week at a time.

These are the distractions I’m clinging to dearly this week. Feel free to share your own.


Super Mario World 3D

Bateman and I played a solid five hours of SMW3D over the weekend. It’s a glorious combination of old school gaming and new fangled 1080P. You can play endless shooters over the broadband fat pipes of the Internet, but for my money I’ll always prefer local co-op with a friend. I’m getting old and curmudgeonly.


Infinity Gauntlet

Confession: I had never read all of the Infinity Gauntlet before this weekend. It was a flaw, I am flawed. But it was one I could address. After reading it? Holy fuck, what a conglomeration of cosmic conflict and mind-bending Perez pencils. It’s quite evident that whatever Infinity War comes to be on the screen, it isn’t going to be anything near the oddity that is this mini-series. And I suppose that’s okay. But I’m glad I got to read it, and didn’t rely on the silver screen to do it justice.


The Order: 1669

I own this game. All the reviews say it sucks. I haven’t opened it. No matter what I think of the title, I’m pretty sure my actions confirm that Sony beat me.


Parks and Rec Finale this week

I haven’t watched much of this final season of Parks and Rec. What I have seen hasn’t been outstanding. However, I’m still eager to watch this season in a marathon session at some point this weekend. P&R has been a wonderful experience, and one that I’m saddened to see end. But nothing gold can stay, so here’s hoping the show sticks the landing.


No Pizza

Week two of No Pizza has begun. I ain’t going to stunt — it is difficult. Pizza is many things to me. My favorite food. My comfort food. And also the easiest go-to when I have no idea what the fuck else to eat for dinner. I can do this, god dammit. I can. Not without difficulty, though. The tears, the grumbling belly, the night sweats. But I can do it. God dammit.


That’s it for me, folks. What’s on my mind. Keeping me going. Taunting me. (I miss you, pizza.)

What are you doing this week?