2014 Pop Culture: My fusillade of favorites


I generally fucking hate Year-End Best Of lists. They invariably turn into nitpicking, criticizing, and semantics. That fucking word, “Best.” Who gives a shit what was best? I don’t. So instead, at the end of this year, I’m presenting to you my favorites in pop culture. And I hope that this list can kickstart some friendly banter and sharing of our enjoyments, as opposed to bitching, moaning, and arguing. Liking shit is dope, and these are the shits I liked the most.

Here’s the way I’m doing it. One sentence a piece. One sentence! Explaining why I loved a particular piece of pop refuse.


Favorite TV Show: True Detective

True Detective

Existential pondering-bacon wrapped around an absurdly delicious scallop of acting and directing.

Favorite Game: Grand Theft Auto V Remaster

Grand Theft Auto V.

I ain’t never played GTA V when it first dropped, and so this is my first journey with the most likable unlikable degenerates in Los Santos.


Favorite Album: Run The Jewels 2

Run The Jewels

El-P’s production is at its height, and lends an auditory orgasm to lyrics that make me want to flip stables and light fires.


Favorite Movie: Birdman


I enjoyed the fuck out of movies this year, but none more than this chaotic takedown of Hollywood slop culture and our modern ego.


Favorite Comic: Saga

Saga #20.

I really slacked on comics this year, and I’m probably forgetting a lot, but when I think comics, I think Saga.


Favorite Book: The Happier Dead

The Happier Dead.

Truthfully , I didn’t read much “new” literature this year, but this detective tale set in a world post-death was enough to keep me turning them pages.


Favorite Podcast: Serial


Like most of my peers I was enraptured with this Who Dun It podcast that ultimately didn’t persuade me of innocence (Adnan did it, seriously), but instead shined a light on how complicated just the day in the life of any Social Group can be.


There you have it. My favorites of the year. Testaments to my shitty taste. What did you dig this year?