DC announces ‘Gotham By Midnight’ horror series. Ben Templesmith drawing. I’m there.

Gotham By Midnight

DC looks to be branching out into interesting Bat-Territory this year. Becky Cloonan is writing Gotham Academy. Gerry Duggan bringing Arkham Manor to life. And now there’s a horror comic coming out? I see, I see. But DC can sense my skepticism. (The world revolves around me, specifically my enormous, cellulite-riddled pale white ass.) How do you get me to give a fuck about a horror comic set in Gotham? You bring in Ben Templesmith to helm the artwork. And I say goddamn! now this is all terribly exciting to me.

Gotham is already a weird city full of maniacs and mobsters. Normally, Batman and Co. have it covered, but add monsters or ghosts to the mix, and even they need some outside help.

Enter The Midnight Shift, Gotham City Police Department’s answer to The X-Files – and the team called in to handle cases outside the depth of the Caped Crusader. Led by Detective Jim Corrigan, they debut in DC Comics’ all-new supernatural/horror adventure book, Gotham By Midnight, on sale Nov. 26.

Spearheaded by a horror comic superteam of writer Ray Fawkes (Constantine, Batman Eternal) and artist Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night, Ten Grand), Gotham By Midnight spins off from the pages of Batman Eternal but operates independently of that title. And while Bats will be around, because this is set in Gotham after all, his main function in the book is to liaise with Corrigan.