Tuesday Morning Commute: Reality is a Glitch


Hey friends. Tuesday Morning Commute! in the house. The column where we share the various nonsense that is getting us through the grind of a given week. Speaking of grinds — sorry for the lack of updates. And the tardiness of this column. Last week of the semester is a wonderful sprint through existence. Pubes on fire. Covered in anxiety-vomit. Praying for a better world. The good news is that starting next week you’re going to be way stuck with me for four months.

This is what I’m digging.


Anticipating: Godzilla.Godzilla.Godzilla.



Playing: Syndicate.


One of the neat things about the last generation passing is the amount of cheap games on the market. $10 for a middling, but fun cyberpunk FPS? Okay!


Watching: Review.


Review is brilliant. I don’t throw this word around a lot – or if I do (I have no memory, it’s gone, gone!) – I shouldn’t.


Obsessing over: The NHL playoffs, man.


I knew I loved you, Prince Henry.


Concerned with: It’s bikini season and I’m a mess.


Between the “my back pain is cancer” dementia and my 101 temperature/chest cold last week, I pretty much haven’t been to the gym regularly in a month. That hasn’t stopped me from crushing whole pizzas and bags of Skittles, though. So if self-improvement is masturbation, I need to start furiously jacking it.


That’s me, folks. That’s allllll me! What are you getting into this week? Let’s dance!