‘STAR WARS REBELS’ Trailer! Plus, Kenobi’s On The Show!

star wars rebels

Yeah, I make no apologies. Watching this trailer for Star Wars Rebels had me smiling like the eternal twelve year-old that resides within this chunky thirty year-old husk! Plus, news regarding the series. Primarily that Old Ben Kenobi shall be present.

JediNews first posted the news, which was discovered at a Rebels toys event. [Note: Originally this article was posted with this piece of fan art, but it was very confusing. Original article continues.]

Either way, the news comes as both a surprise and relief in the Star Wars universe. A surprise because, up till now, we’d only seen new Rebel characters in the show. Also, we’d been lead to believe Kenobi was a “strange old hermit” in his time on Tatooine after dropping Luke Skywalker with Owen and Beru Lars at the end of Revenge of the Sith. This suggests he didn’t go idly into the night.

It’s a relief because it shows a basic, but necessary desire to keep this story very tied to the canon of Star Wars. How much he appears, however, will be a huge deal. [/Film]