Handsome Jack.

Fucking shit, man. Looks like I’m going to have to keep my PS3 hooked up just that much longer. Though to be truthful I’ve been rocking the shit out of it lately anyways. You see, there’s a goddamn Borderlands sequel dropping for the last-gen. Actually, it’s a prequel. But it’s uh, also a sequel. A pre-sequel.

Borderlands is back, and this time its going to the moon with Borderlands: The Pre-sequel, a full on co-op shooter RPG set in the five year gap between Borderlands 1 & 2 for Xbox 360,PS3 and PC

We at GamePointsNow have managed to get our hands on some exclusive info regarding the next instalment in the Gearbox’s hit franchise.

Only a month ago Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford announced that his studio were not working on a borderlands sequel but they didn’t mention that 2k Australlia were working on a Pre-Sequel.

Set on the moon of Elpis and Hyperions ominous H shaped moon base, the game sees Handsome Jack in the days when he was just a humble programmer called John, hunting a powerful alien artefact (what else!!). Players will be able to select one of Jack/Johns four lieutenants to play as in Athena The Gladiator, Wilhelm The Enforcer, Nisha The Lawbringer and Fragtrap, a militarised claptrap..

The astute amongst you may recognise some of the names from their appearances in previous instalments, Wilhelm is the half human, half Hyperion Loader boss from Borderlands 2 and Athena made an appearance in the General Knoxx DLC for the first game as a Lance Assassin gone mercenary. Nisha bears a striking resemblance to the seconds games Sheriff of Lynchwood, who was also Jacks girlfriend.

Athena will be a melee focused character able to absorb incoming fire with here kinetic shield while dispatching enemies with her plasma sword. While Wilhelm(sadly before he became a badass loader) will be able to make use of a shoulder mounter cannon and drones which you can call down to aid you in combat.

As you’d expect from any Borderland title there is the usual bazillion weapons to choose from, and with being set on a moon there’s plenty of opportunity to ramp things up a little. There are two whole new weapon types to get your teeth into this time around. Laser weapons and moons go hand in hand so you won’t be disappointed there, but the real fun looks to be in the Cryo class of guns, couple that with the games low gravity setting and it’s a case of set your phasers to fun (sorry) as you freeze and shatter your foes.

Yes Elpis has reduced gravity (it is a moon after all) so tossing bandits into orbit with a well placed grenade is a sure thing. There’s also jetpacks to help you get around the moons surface and outwit your enemies, although this does tie in with another of the games new features to present a whole new challenge for veterans of the series.

Oxygen will play a huge role in the game, in fact it’s actually going to be lootable in the form of OX -Kits.This adds a whole new layer to the combat with you requiring to manage your own oxygen levels while battling your foes, although it does lead to the option of shattering an enemies helmet to instantly deprive them of precious O2 and gain an advantage.

While there is no set release date for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, we at Team GPN would lay our inter galactic cowboy hats on a 2014 release due to it being a 360/PS3 release.

And while this is nothing but a rumour until officially confirmed, we can say we are sure you’ll be hearing (or maybe reading) something real soon. gamepointsnow.com [All Games Beta]