Buy These Flippin’ Comics!!! (3.19.14) – Spring Break Fo’evah

Spring Break!

Yo kids, it’s that time of the year.  The land thaws, the days get longer, and the great migratory pattern of the teeming, oversexed youth of the nation marches southward.  It’s also time to break out those wallets, and ramp our nation’s commerce back up.  For those not into buying nunchakus and shorts in every color, we got Ghost Rider rockin a hemi on hell-wheels, Daredevil changes locales, more John Prophet, more Kamala Khan, and Superman off da’ chain all comin at us today!  I got comic books in my blood, ya’ll, and I hope you do, too.  This is the American Dream.  It’s Spring Break, ninjas!  So put on your dark tannin’ oil, spritz on two kinds of Calvin Klein, and hit up the LCS for this week’s dopest selections.

Hit us up in the comments below to celebrate the accumulation of material goods with us, particularly of the four-color variety.

A full list of comic releases can be found HERE.

Ms. Marvel #2.

Ms. Marvel #2 – Marvel Comics

(W) G. Willow Wilson          (A) Adrian Alphona

Everything about issue one of this book popped with originality and verve, all the while playing like every great superhero origin story you’ve ever seen.  I was super impressed by how accessible this comic was, and how quickly the the main charcter, Kamala Khan, has endeared herself to comic fans, due in no small part to the talent of the creators involved.  Books like this prove that there is still plenty of room for new characters in superhero comics, and still plenty left to say.

Zero #6.

Zero #6 – Image Comics

(W) Ales Kot      (A) Jordie Bellaire, Vanessa Del Rey

Speaking of plenty left to say, newcomer writer Ales (pronounced Al-LESH) Kot turned the spy-thriller game on it’s head this fall with Zero.  Narrated in the near future by our protagonist, Edward Zero, each issue details a chapter in Zero’s life that has led him to his miserable current condition – facing the barrel of a gun and an as-yet unknown captor.  Each issue brings in a different artist, giving the book the feel of the similarly spectacular Warren Ellis book “Global Frequency.”  If you’re looking for a great book about spies, but want darker than Casanova, and weirder than Black Widow, check out Zero.

All New Ghost Rider #1.

All New Ghost Rider #1 – Marvel Comics

(W) Felipe Smith         (A) Tradd Moore

Gonna be square with ya’ll, I don’t much, and have never much, cared for Ghost Rider.  The biker jacket and chains was way more metal than my puny ass could handle – give me spandex, capes, and quips any day.  That said, I’m glad the “All New” aspect of this book really is Marvel trying something new with the character – and he is a new character:  teenage East Los Angelean Robbie Reyes now bears the Spirit of Vengeance – and he’s even got some new wheels, a 69’ Charger, at his disposal.  Add rising star artist Tradd Moore (Luther Strode) to the mix, and this book looks promising.

Prophet #43.

Prophet #43 – Image Comics

(W) Brandon Graham, Simon Roy       (A) Bayard Baudoin & Various

Is it “Roy” like Roy Orbison or “Wah” like Patrick Roy, Simon Roy’s name –  I’ve always wondered?  At least it’s the hardest name on the book to prounouuuuuunceholyhell is that Bayard Baudoin???  Not even gonna guess.  Anywho, we’re all fans of this gorgeous sci-fi epic – so much so that some of us will even crop our real father’s photos into the art and pretend to be Sons of the Prophet!  We can dream, can’t we?

Superman Unchained #6.

Superman Unchained #6 – DC Comics

(W) Scott Snyder        (A) Jim Lee

See, kids, I’ll plug a DC book every now and again!  This isn’t one I currently read, mind you – I hopped off this train after issue 2 – but because of it’s erratic schedule I thought I should let the folks still riding know that it’s time for another round of JIM-LEE-EXPLODING-ROCK-A-PALOOZA!  Normally I’m a Jim Lee apologist, but this cover is pretty egregious.  Note to inker:  thank you for hiding most of the fucked up anatomy under great globs of black.  I hope you got a bonus check, and not just another carton of unsold WildCATs action figures.

Thor guy.

Thor: God of Thunder #20 – Marvel Comics

This storyline splits focus between Old God Thor and his final fight versus the seemingly unstoppable (yet always stopped) Galactus, and present day Thor and his fight versus the seemingly unstoppable Roxxon Corporation.  Aaron is forcefully playing the metaphor card here – corporations evil, hungry, and difficult to punch.

Daredevil #1.

Daredevil #1 – Marvel Comics

New locale, same creative team!  Waid and Samnee still steer the ship, but this time the Devil is out of Hell’s Kitchen.  Relocated to San Francisco, Matt Murdock joins the cast of HBO’s Looking, and finally decides to commit to Foggy full time.  Just like in my fanfic.

Lazarus #7.

Lazarus #7 – Image Comics

Dynamite storytelling by Rucka & Lark.  I feel this book reads better in trade format, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check the issues out, too!  This ish, Forever finds out a little more about the Freeman Resistance – something shocking.  This book makes mah nips hard with all the fighting the power.  Down with the man!

The Fuse #2.

The Fuse #2 – Image Comics

Solid first issue, so I’m in for the second.  Caff Pow calls me a Marvel whore, but my true whore-calling is with that sweet lowercase “i”.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 #1 – Dark Horse Comics

Total guilty pleasure here, but I’ve been a longtime fan of the show, and I still buy all the comics (in trade format usually).  I’m not a harcore Buffy fan, mostly I’ve just wanted a Buffy-Hotsauce-Cordelia sandwich since 1997, but I’m a big enough fan to still care about the post-TV exploits of these characters. Season 9 was pretty great, so I’m still on board for 10!

That’s gonna do it for me this week, ya’ll!  Enjoy your Spring Break!  Live that American Dream, playas.  Make that paper.  Spend that paper.  Spring Break forever.

We out!