Enormous ‘EVE ONLINE’ battle erupts after unpaid bill. n00b move, bruh

You Dun Goofed.

The stories surrounding EVE Online‘s epic battles are always more interesting than the battles themselves. Oh sure I enjoy them in an abstract manner, but I’ve never been able to sit through a YouTube video of one. None the less the latest kerfuffle is the result of yet another interesting tale. Usually these tales involve subterfuge, espionage. This time it involved…an unpaid bill.

According to an email EVE Online sent out today, more than eight Titans—these are the real bad mofos of the EVE fleet, capable of equipping a superlaserhave already been destroyed in the Battle of System B-R5RB. The belligerents are, once again, the N3 Coalition and the Clusterfuck Coalition (CFC), with other alliances assisting both sides.

What touched off this battle? A missed bill payment, basically.

“Earlier today an alliance in the N3 coalition missed a bill payment for the system where Pandemic Legion is staging and storing their fleets,” writes EVE. “This missed bill caused sovereignty to drop across the system leaving the station vulnerable to capture. Seizing the opportunity, the CFC (Goonswarm Federation, Razor Alliance, Black Legion and the Initiative) and Russian Coalition (Solar Fleet, Darkness of Despair and Against ALL Authorities) captured the station.”

You might remember that CFC got its collective ass handed to it back on Jan. 25, when it decided to tangle with Pandemic Legion’s “Wrecking Ball” fleet down yonder in System HED-GP. N3/Pandemic sent aforesaid Wrecking Ball into B-R5RB to retake the station, although at a smaller strength. CFC brought in “a large contingent of Dominixes, Dreadnaughts and Titans,” and decided it was time to play the Feud!