‘FALLOUT 4’ TEASER SITE is revealed as FAKE. F**K S**T ASS.


OH FUCKING GOD DAMMIT. May the soul who perpetuated this most horrid fib (honestly perhaps the most egregiously malicious lie in all of history) get razor-blade laced diarrhea. Whilst they stand outside in a tsunami of blood and animal carcasses. Fuck.

Looks like it’s official: the Fallout 4 teaser website “TheSurvivor2299.com” was a hoax.

Sorry, folks. A new Fallout game might be—is likely—in the works, but it’s not connected to that site, despite how deep their ARG-ish rabbit hole went. Don’t count on any announcements at the Spike VGX this weekend, either—Bethesda said yesterday they don’t plan on being there.