First ‘OPRHAN BLACK’ Season 2 image. Plus! Details!

Orphan Black.

My body is ready! My mind is ready! It’s time for more Orphan Black in my gut-butt-soul. The minds behind the show must know this, because they’ve dropped the first morsels related to the show’s second season.

Entertainment Weekly revealed this new image of Sarah and Rachel, and spoke with Fawcett and Manson about what it could mean.

“Our launching framework for season 2 is really the war between Sarah and Rachel,” said Fawcett. Manson said, “If Rachel launched the first volley in this war, this is one of Sarah’s steps in this war.”

While Helena was a main opposition for Sarah in Season 1, Rachel seems to have taken her place this time around. Fawcett said, “Even as a villain, Rachel is going to hold a lot of surprises for us. She’s been a really fun nemesis for Sarah.”

While we’ll get to know more about Rachel as time goes on, they also teased even more new clones showing up on the scene. But that doesn’t mean our old favorites are left behind. “one of the big things we’re going to have to deal with in season 2, which is finding its own twists and turns, is Cosima’s illness,” Fawcett told them, “And that is a very pressing bit of drama that is not just straight ahead. It’s got a lot of mystery to it. It’s got a lot of twists and turns to it and it is thematically a big part of season 2 also.”

The creators also said they’ve had to get a little sneaky thanks to the show’s rabid fan base.

“Our first audition scenes were up on the same day we put out the casting call,” said Manson, “We were like ‘Oh, I guess we better start cloaking these things or else we’re going to end giving away our secrets without telling anyone anything.’”

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