Monday Morning Commute: Even Martians Like Long Weekends

It’s Labor Day here in the Empire. The holiday that has been co-opted and become a celebration of the successful completion of a Summer. It also signals what is for many the Long March towards Winter. Via Autumn. Me? I fucking love the Fall. Favorite season. It’s not too cold, but it’s cool enough to snuggle up with a blanket. It heralds my favorite Opiate of the Masses: football (and my 1a: hockey). In addition, a secondary market of cool balms to draw me out of my peretual existential crisis arrives in the form of Fall Television Programming. Finally let us not forget how it drums up my favorite gauntlet of Fabricated Reasons to Celebrate, which is the stretch from Halloween through Christmas.

So yeah, I’m down with Labor Day. Cool enough. But I’m really down with what it signals.

(Oh yeah wait this is Monday Morning Commute the column where we share the various aforementioned balms and  non-literal and perhaps literal sedatives that get us through the week with minimal scarring so I’ll start by giving you a rundown of what I’m enjoying this week and then you do me the solid of letting me know what you’re totally into this week and that way we will all be a happy commune full of run-on sentences and dementia and cool arts and farts to try out okay how does that sound?)



I just started watching ADVENTURE TIME. It’s fucking beautiful.
Seriously. It’s so wonderful.



FOOTBALL is here.
I love football. Which totally makes me unique among American males, ages 23-45. Right? Eh, I’m just another predictable slob. But I’m fucking stoked.



The new season of ALWAYS SUNNY starts on Wed.
No, Always Sunny isn’t as funny as it was at its peak. But they still bring the laughter, and occasional classic episode. Plus I’m delusional and consider them my actual friends, so hanging out with The Gang is always great. We get along super fucking well.



The latest YA book I’m rocking is 5TH WAVE. 
Not just another female teenager saving the world. Saving the world from Aliens! Plus, other viewpoints throughout the book. Really enjoying it.



Trying to give a fuck about HESITATION MARKS.
Album drops tomorrow. But I decidedly don’t care. I don’t mean this cynically, or snidely. I’d really like to be pumped up for NIN’s latest release. However, I didn’t like the single. And furthermore I really struggle to get myself to that angsty, emo-kid point of sadness I used to get to in order to drift (shittyPacificRimreference) with Reznor and company. So has anyone heard this? Care to get me amped?


That’s my week, folks. What are you up to?