MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE: Go Back To Sleep, America!

Go Back To Sleep, America.

Another Monday. Another Morning Commute. I ain’t complaining. I’m still sucking wind on the Big Blue Marble. For the moment. And for the moment it is still Big, and Blue. So while I’m here, let me lead the communion. This is the wonderful column where we share the various arts, farts, liquors, variety of cracker, and other nonsenses that are entertaining us in a given week.


The Wolverine.

Oh yeah The Wolverine movie comes out this week.
I have so very low expectations for The Wolverine that I imagine it’ll be impossible not to match them. Like, I’m expecting a movie starring The Wolverine. And that he’ll pop his claws, slice a couple of errant fuckers, and probably brood.

It can’t miss those levels of expectation, can the movie?

Orange is the New Black.

Netflix original Orange Is The New Black is pretty fantastic.
Another Netflix original that crushes pretty much 95% of the television I watch. Equal parts charming, humorous, depressing, aggravating, it’s a highly polished romp. Through jail.


Food & Liquor II.

A couple of cuts from Food & Liquor II are actually pretty rad.
I gave up on Lupe Fiasco after Laz0rz or whatever, but maybe I shouldn’t have. A student of mine presented the song “Around the Way” as part of a media project off of F&L II, and it was pretty dope. How is that shit for the teacher-student/student-teacher dynamic? Since then I’ve been bumping the son of a bitch. I don’t know if  would call the installment a good album, but it has provided a couple of bamboo bangers for my ass.


I think…I think that may be it for me this week. What are you Children of the Atom up to?