This console is FRANKENSTEIN’S MONSTER, plays NES, SNES, Genesis. With HDMI.

Behold the beast.

As someone who has been itching to play through his old ass gaming collection lately, this console is fucking perfect. Sure, I could use an emulator, but I want to use the original controllers. On a television. So fuck yes, give me this ghastly blight on gaming creation. I need it.


With a new generation of game consoles on the horizon, people have had backwards compatibility on the mind. For those who want to play old games without keeping a ton of old consoles around, there’s the Hyperkin Retron 3, which can play NES, SNES and Sega Genesis carts all in a single unit.

This week, Hyperkin announced their newest console, the Retron 4, which is even more ambitious than the 3. (The 3 is pictured above.) It’ll add Game Boy Advance compatibility to the mix, as well as HDMI output.

From the Retron 4 press release

RetroN 4 Points of Interest:
· 2 Original Controller Ports for Each Platform (6 Total)
· Wireless Bluetooth Controller
· 4 Cartridge Ports for NES, SNES, Genesis and GBA cartridges
· HDMI Output with Digital Signal Conversion
· “Perdana” Digital User Interface
· PAL and NTSC compatible

Nice. Given that the image up top is of the Retron 3, it’s still not clear what the 4 will look like. Maybe something less candy-colored? Though hell, this thing could be bright green and orange and I’d still want one. Hyperkin says they’ll announce more details about the Retron 4 at theMidwest Gaming Classic in March.

(Via Wired)