Rumor: Latest ‘STAR WARS’ director possibilities are FINCHER and FAVREAU.

David Fincher? Doing a Star Wars movie? Be still my heart. Then resurrect it using midi-chlorians so I can watch the flick.


The only name that’s been discussed seriously over the past few weeks is Matthew Vaughn, while most directors have come out and flat out denied any involvement. A new report on Deadline, though, confirms rumors we’ve culled from Twitter that Jon Favreau is, indeed, attempting to get the gig. It also adds a sort-of-surprising new name into the mix: David Fincher. He’s reportedly “game for one of these news films” and has a strong relationship with LucasFilm’s Kathleen Kennedy, who produced The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.


 A big hat-tip to The Playlist for picking up the following quote in a seeming un-Star Wars related article on Deadline:

As much as I’ve heard the Vaughn rumor, I’ve also heard Jon Favreau is panting after this job, and even that David Fincher, who apparently worked for Lucas’s ILM in a menial job as a teen, might be game for one of these new films. Unfortunately, we are getting nothing out of Lucas Land on what they call speculation. I broke a story recently that Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg will write future Star Wars installments, most likely the second and third installments of the new trilogy, I’d heard. Lucas, through Disney, denied every speck of this, but I ran it anyway. They won’t comment or clarify these things because they want to announce it themselves on their own Twitter or website or whatever they’ve got.