The Dude’s High 5s: Candy!

We’re a week out from Halloween. I’m doing this High 5 as a public service for adults out there. Get your shit together. There will be hoards of children outside your house dressed as ghouls, goblins, politicians, and ghosts. If you give them raisins or toothpaste or anything that isn’t candy, yummy, tooth decay enabling candy, you’re in for some trouble. So here’s my top 5 candy products that should always be given out for trick or treating.

5. Skittles

Skittles are great. You can chew them, you can swallow them whole, or you can suck on them for a while. There’s probably a dirty joke somewhere in the last statement. They are a nice fruity break from all the chocolate that goes in your mouth. There’s probably another dirty joke somewhere in that last statement as well.


4. Sweet Tarts

I love sweet tarts. I am one of a few people that enjoys chalky candy. I love smarties, sweet tars, even Necco wafers. Sweet Tarts would be my favorite of the bunch.


3. M&Ms

M&Ms, in any variety, are always welcome in my stash.

2. Three Musketeers

I know that Three Musketeers bars don’t have much going for them. Its pretty much just whipped nougat covered in chocolate. However, they are light, fluffy and delicious. When they are frozen, they become solid. Like a Charleston chew, but not disgusting.


1. Peanut butter cups

Here’s the main event. I enjoy candy of all shapes and sizes, but if I went to 50 houses and came back with 50 peanut butter cups, I call that a win. When I was a kid I had a weird economy. When I found $1 I would think “Wow, thats 100 pieces of penny candy … or 20 peanut butter cups.” Prices have changed since then and thats a good thing. I have access to more money, and 20 peanut butter cups for $1 seems a good way to drop a $20.


So what candy did you look forward to around Halloween … or any other day of the year?