REZ CREATOR has stepped away from game development. Infinite sadness ++

This is a slug to the jimmy parts. The mind behind RezChild of Eden and others has stepped away from game development. Fare thee well, Tetsuya Mizuguchi. You may have never gotten the acclaim you deserved, but Rez was one of my favorite gaming experiences. Ever. Even if I never got to use it with the trance vibrator in my butt.


Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the man behind RezLumines, and Child of Eden, isn’t currently developing games at Q Entertainment. Company director Nobuhiko Shimizu told Eurogamer that Mizuguchi is taking on a “spokesperson” role, having become more involved with “academic work.”

Mizuguchi’s game development career began at Sega in 1990. There he created Sega Rally,Space Channel 5, and Rez, before moving to Q Entertainment in 2003. At Q he designedLuminesNinety-Nine Nights, and most recently Child of Eden. While Mizuguchi didn’t oversee Q Entertainment’s latest game, Lumines Electric Symphony, he was heavily involved with its development.