I have no fucking idea what it’ll take to make Guardians of the Galaxy cool. I really don’t. Thankfully, this joint is arrriving in a post-Green Lantern world. While watching the aforementioned pile of simmering fecaltainment on television with Rendar yesterday, I commented that at least GotG won’t be as bad as that flick.


Joss Whedon is currently in Toronto with a film he made on an Avengers off-week. While there, he has been more than happy to talk about his job for the next several years as a major architect of Marvel Phase Two. One big question was about Gunn’s all-but-confirmed involvement with the cosmic superhero team. The movie is set to open August 1, 2014, and MTV spoke to Whedon about the plans for it. Not only did he talk about Gunn’s involvment like it’s a done deal, he said Gunn has a “twisted take” on the material, and is a huge fan.

Watch the interview, and more, below.

Thanks to MTV for the interview. Here goes.

Last we heard, Gunn was “in talks” for the film but this interview certainly makes it seem like Gunn is a done deal. So that’s good. Also, the fact that Whedon name dropped both The Specials and Super gives a good idea of the kind of humor-filled, oddball take Gunn will likely have for GuardiansSuper in particular is a totally underrated gem in the superhero genre, and while it’s much too raw for the polished, big budget Marvel universe, it exhibits total understanding of comic books, superheroes and the themes that make them universal.