Darth Vader x Giger’s Alien helmet mash-up is terrifying awesomeness.

I suppose this is one way to recuperate Darth Vader’s swag. Dude is a total little emo sociopath by Revenge. How does one go fixing that? Imagine the dude as some sort of eerie Xenomorph hybrid.

Fashionably Geek:

The As You Wish Helmet Project is raking in all kinds of impressive helmet mods. We saw the Iron Fett helmet last week, and this time around we’re drooling over Thomas Spano’s twist on the Darth Vader bucket. He’s combined the Sith’s mask with H.R. Giger’s Alien, and it looks terrifying and awesome all at the same time. Seriously. The creativity and craftsmanship of this piece knocks my socks off.